Best Area Rugs for Dorm Room

Hi, guys! Are you scrambling, and have been rug less for years in your dorm room, because you just don’t know what you are doing. I’m going to take a wild guess and say that if you’re reading this post, you have many questions about rugs. Specifically, how do I pick one? What should I look for? What should be an appropriate size?

I am going to breakdown my answer in this article. Let’s go!

1. Importance of Area Rugs For Dorm Room

Dorm rooms are famous for being remarkably small, so trying to decorate and add personality can be a challenge. But, adding a rug adds a huge difference. It allows you to add colour, texture, and warmth without taking up additional space. If you don’t have a rug in your dorm room, you are dooming yourself to walk over the cold floor, and that won’t help you feel at home. The good news is there are plenty of stylish and affordable rugs that will fit in your dorm room. Placing an area rug is an excellent idea to make your room feel cosy and additionally will save you from walking over the bare floor.

2. How To Decorate a Dorm Room?

Before you go all out shopping for your room, here are a few things you should consider.

3. Rug Size

“It’s all about keeping things in scale with the furniture, keeping it in scale with the room.”

The most common mistake people make when buying an area rug is choosing a size that is either too small or too large for your space. It’s often recommended to decide the appropriate size of rug depending on your furniture’s configuration. It should not be based on the specific room size. So, the main guideline to determine the best rug size is to always consider the furniture grouping over the room size.

The size of an area rug can alter the room’s overall effect. A rug that is too small for your space can cause the room to feel dreary. A rug that is too large for a room can make the room feel smaller. A right size rug will bring balance to the room, creating the perfect finishing.

Rugs for the dorm room is available in 5×8, 4×6, and 6×8 sizes! Other sizes are popular too, but they are either too small or too large. 5×8 is a perfect choice since it covers the area that matters. 4×6 comes in popularity after 5×8 rugs. They are smaller but includes the required space. 6×9 sized rugs are another great option. Although more substantial than the two but won’t cover the entire floor area. This area rug will leave a few inches space against the wall and is most likely to give coverage under the bed.

Gone are the days when fully-fledged carpets were in trend. Area rugs are the new norm!

4. Use the Tape Trick to find the Area Rug

If you are having a problem with visualizing the specific size of the area rug, here is a trick to help you. Before you go for a rug shopping, measure the floor space based on the size you think you’d require. You can go with the standard sizes. Then, using masking tape or anything similar that will not damage the floor. Tape of the area you just measured. You will get an idea of the outline where the rug would end. This will make it easy for you to see how a rug of that size would fit into your space. Once you are satisfied with the size of your taped-off area, you are ready to buy a rug!

5. The floor of The Walls?

Another beautiful way to decorate your dorm room is to buy a tapestry for the walls. The picture on the woven artwork is made by weaving weft strings of various hues over the twist strings. Tapestries and rugs can add an ambience to your room. In addition to warming up your room, it can also make a large room seem smaller. Depending on your space, you can go with either option. This is one of the top home décor trends. But going with both options can make your room look messy.

6. Rug Color

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Area rugs serve as artwork for your floor, and they are a great way to fill some playfulness into your room. Don’t be afraid to choose an area rug with colour and pattern.

To coordinate your rug colour with the existing colour palette, you should follow the 60-30-10 rule:

  • About 60% of the room is your dominant colour that grasps the sight, such as the walls or the most significant piece of furniture.
  • 30% is a secondary colour, this is where your rug colour choice comes in.
  • 10% is the colour of your vases and lamps.

Muted Color Tone

If you want to create a serene setting in your dorm room, take into consideration the muted colour tones. A monochromatic colour scheme can be soothing. You should refrain from dark colour contrast through pillows and accessories.

Bright and Vibrant Colors

Area rugs can become the focal point of your room, especially when they are the primary source of colour. Matching a bright colour rug with warm colour wall creates a fantastic effect!

Complimenting Colors

Many people want to style their room somewhere in between bold and tranquil. If you wish to your area rug to compliment the already existing décor of your room, opt for an area rug whose colour scheme compliments your existing room’s décor.

Colour of Area Rug for Small size Living Room

Keep in consideration that light colours help small spaces appear larger.

7. Material For The Best Area Rug For The Dorm Room


Compared to other rugs materials, nylon rugs has a longer life. It is an excellent choice for heavy traffic areas. It can be crushed, bent, and stretched, and it can attain its original shape.

  • Nylon rugs are spill and stain-resistant.
  • Continuous filament fibres minimize shedding and pilling.
  • It is easy to clean.

It is recommended to steam clean nylon rugs every 12-18 months. This is because the hydrogen molecules in nylon can be revived by steam cleaning, helping the rug fibre to bounce back. It is known for its durability and versatility.


Polyester carpets offer durability. They are best for dry climates. If you opt for a polyester rug, go with a well-constructed option. That means higher weight and density to ensure that it holds up over time.

  • They are sustainable and durable.
  • These carpets are incredibly stained and fade resistant. They are available in a variety of colours.
  • They have less absorbency. However, oil-based stains tend to be harder to clean up.
  • They dry quickly.

They are less durable than nylon. It immediately cleans stains by blotting with a cloth and stain remover.

Olefin/ Polypropylene

These rugs are best for rainy, damp, and humid climates.

  • Polypropylene carpets are stain-resistant, reliable, and durable.
  • They are easy to clean and are not damaged by chemicals or washing products.
  • They are solution-dyed, so the colour doesn’t fade away.
  • They have low density and are lightweight, so they are easily washable.
  • They can handle high moisture.
  • These rugs provide the same feel underfoot as the natural rugs do.
  • They are economical and are visually pleasing.

Because of their composition, they are highly flammable, so keep them away from heat, fire pits, or grills. With the right care, you will get years of use with polypropylene rugs.


Wool is the most commonly used carpet material due to its alluring qualities.

  • Wool is a non-allergen fibre that does not promote the growth of bacterias or dust mites. They are safe and healthy choice.
  • The luxurious softness and warmth make wool carpets extremely comfortable.
  • If cleaning habits are screened, and they are regularly vacuumed, wool help maintain its good looks. Wool can be bent and twisted 20,000 times without losing its texture and shape.
  • They are super soft and flame-resistant.
  • They are great for a high-traffic area.

If you choose to go with wool rugs, make sure to put aside some money since they are pricey.


They are another type of synthetic rugs. They are similar to wool in texture and are in low in price than wool rugs.

  • They are lightweight, warm, and soft.
  • They are visually catchy. Acrylic carpets are available in bright colours.
  • They absorb and release moisture quickly.
  • They retain their shape and resists wrinkles and shrinkage.
  • It is resistant to moths, oils, bugs, chemicals, and sunlight degradation.

These rugs are soft and make it comfortable to stand.

8. Add Extra Lights And Lightening

Lightening is a quick way to add details to the dullest space. Weak lightning is almost a trademark of the dorm room. Lamps are necessary for doing homework at your desk or illuminating a dark corner of your room. To give a cosier look to your dorm room, you can also use fairy lights behind the bed. Hang a picture or mirror on the wall!

9. How To Keep Rugs Clean In Dorm Room

It depends on the type of material used for the rug. Cleaning techniques are different for rugs with different materials. However, vacuuming regularly will keep away dust from forming on the rug. You can clean the surface grime by taking rug outside and shaking off the dust.

How To Clean Rugs?

Rugs are great. You just need to throw them down, and instantly, they add colour to your space, making space look brighter, seasonal, and updated. They are affordable too. Proper cleaning and maintenance keep them looking great season after season. So let’s talk how to clean rugs:

Remove Dirt So It Doesn’t Settle

Area rugs attract a lot of dirt. To get rid of dirt, mix a solution of dish wash and water in a bucket. Scrub the rug with a brush—clean both sides of the rug. If you are washing your rug, make sure to wash over the driveway so that the water can drain away. Never let your rug soak excess water and grow mould.

You can also shake your rug to get rid of the visible dirt and debris. Flip your rug over every once in a while to keep it evenly worn.

Dry The Rug In Sunlight To Prevent Mold

Mould might not grow on your rug, but it can grow in your rug. Dirt and moisture mostly sink to the bottom of your rug. Any dirt particle or moisture is a prime reason for the mould to grow. So you need to do a wet-dry vacuum to get rid of any such mould.

To ensure that your rug stays mould-free after washing, hang your rug on a railing in direct sunlight. If you do not have a fence or railing, you can lay it on the ground to dry. Make sure to flip the rug so that both sides are dry. If mould creeps in your rug, use a mixture of vinegar and warm water to scrub the spores out.

Remove Stains And Spills

If a stain or spill occurs, use a dry cloth to blot the excess that’s on the top of the rug. Make sure not to rub the fabric so much; otherwise, the substance may push in the fibre. If you got a massive spill on your rug, you could wash it away with a garden hose. If you opt for this method, make sure to place your rug in direct sunlight and flit it over time so that it is dry and does not serve as a house for mould.

Vacuuming The Rug Regularly

To keep your rug look best, you need to vacuum it regularly. It will prevent dirt from settling inside the fibre. Moulds cannot grow if you clean the rug regularly. Mould cannot grow on the synthetic rug, but it can grow inside the fiber of the rug.

I hope that I helped you in your quest to find a perfect rug for your dorm room. If you think that I missed any essential and critical points, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to get back to me in the comments section below.

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