Best Area Rugs You’d Love for Kitchen in 2021

Just like your living room, your kitchen is ‘the heart of your home.’ Your kitchen is more than a space where you cook meals and share them with your family. It’s where your kids’ artwork hangs. It’s where laughs and love are shared, and eventually, memories are made.

Finding a perfect kitchen rug will give your kitchen the inviting feel while protecting your floor from foot traffic. Whether your kitchen floor is hardwood, tile, or linoleum, a kitchen rug will give many benefits.

1. Why Area Rugs for Kitchen?

There are many reasons why you need to get an area rug for your kitchen. Kitchen is the place where most accidents happen. Whether it is a spill while you are cooking, or while washing dishes in the sink, or more disastrous, if you have a broken pipeline. Kitchen area rugs can help you reduce the spills and scratches from the flooring, especially if it’s a wooden one.

2. What is an Area Rug?

An area rug is one of the most popular types of rugs. They can be used in any room, can go with any décor, and are available in every possible size, shape, pattern, and colour.

3. Functions

Every kitchen can benefit from a kitchen area rug. Here is a more detailed guide to area rugs for the kitchen!

Area Rugs for Kitchen Protects Your Floor and Dishes

Area rugs protect your hardwood floors from spills and stains. They also protect your floor from scratches, scuffs, and early ageing. Wool rugs are durable and able to handle foot traffic and spills. But many people refrain from using wool rugs since they are expensive. As an alternative, polypropylene (synthetic rugs) are used. They also create a bit of additional protection for dishes that might unexpectedly drop in the kitchen. They are enough cushion to protect them from smashing.

Add Color to Your Kitchen

The newest trend in the kitchen is white cabinets, grey counters, and white backlashes. Most people are choosing kitchen rugs with bright and neutral colors. If you want your area to pop in with colors then go with such rugs. Similarly, if you’re going to add a touch of warmth to your kitchen, opt for the rugs with warm colors. Standard colors people love to place in kitchens are red, green, pink, and purple. These colors create a feeling of comfort and warmth in your kitchen place.

Padding for Working

“Using a padded, slip-resistant kitchen area rug or mat on the floor by the dish washing area will help reduce the chance of injury from slipping.”

Working for hours in the kitchen can cause strain on your back. If you use an adequately padded kitchen area rug, it will reduce pressure on your back. A correct rug pad underneath it prevents from slipping.

Reduces the Noise

Area rugs in the kitchen can reduce noise to a great extent. They act as a sound safeguard that buffers the sound when you are working.

4. Size of the Best Area Rugs for Kitchen

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Before deciding on what kind of rug you need for your kitchen space, you need to consider its size. The most common mistake people make when buying an area rug is choosing a size that is either too small or too large for your space. So consider these two factors while choosing an area rug for your kitchen.

Use the Tape Trick to Find the Area Rug

If you are having a problem with visualizing the specific size of the area rug, here is a trick to help you. Before you go for a rug shopping, measure the floor space based on the size you think you’d require. You can go with the standard sizes. Then, using masking tape or anything similar that will not damage the floor. Tape of the area you just measured. You will get an idea of the outline where the rug would end. This will make it easy for you to see how a rug of that size would fit into your space. Once you are satisfied with the size of your taped-off area, you are ready to buy a rug!

Go for a small landing for the kitchen where there is lots of foot traffic. A small, half-round, or rectangular rug in front of the rink works bests.

Standard size: 2’x 3′

Find a narrow fit if you have a narrow galley kitchen. Runners that extends the length of the kitchen are a great way to add padding underfoot and fill up space.

Standard size: 2’6″ x8′, 3’x5.’

They are highly stain-resistant and can last your years. So don’t worry about your precious rug being ruined with spills!

5. Types of Best Area Rugs for Kitchen

Area rugs for a kitchen are available in various materials. They are not only available in natural fibres but are also available in synthetic fibres too.

Synthetic Area Rugs for Kitchen Area

It is more practical to place a synthetic rug in the kitchen as strains and spills are bound to happen! Polypropylene is an excellent synthetic area rugs for your kitchen. They are highly stained resistant rugs. They are present in various patterns and colors. So, if you are looking for a highly stain resistant rug that compliments your artistic side too yet staying within your budget, you should opt for polypropylene rugs.

Natural Fiber Area Rugs for Kitchen Area

Wool rugs are most utilized as kitchen rugs. This is because wool rugs have an incredibly soft pile that provides comfort and support to you. Especially when washing dishes! They are present in intricate patterns. They offer a cosy, warm, and welcoming environment to your kitchen.

6. Ideas for Best Area Rugs in Kitchen

In this section, check out how to decorate with the best area rugs for your kitchen!

Best Area Runner Rug in Between Sink & Island

If you have a large kitchen with a large size island, place a runner rug between the island and the wall. There should be at least four inches of space around the outside of the rug. It is trendy to add oriental runner rugs in kitchen spaces. This creates a good space while maintaining its feasibility.

Best Rug for Kitchen Sink Area

If you have a small kitchen, select an area rug that sits right at the dishwashing area. Generally, 3×5 rugs are small and appropriate. Since the rug is small, so you can either select a bold rug or go more neutral. A runner rug with a bold pattern will sit right at the place without overwhelming its surroundings.

Best Area Rug Under Table

If you have an eat-in kitchen or an open floor plan, you must consider placing a rug under the kitchen table. Rugs can separate large open rooms into individual spaces. Make sure to buy a large rug, so your chairs have room to back up a little and still manage to be on the rug.

Neutral Kitchen Area Rug

Let us now discuss patterns and hues! If your kitchen is dark, it is preferable to use a light color rug to brighten it up. The contrast will create a positive emotional impact. You can also use wall hangings and fringe magnets of lighter tones. If you have a small kitchen, use brightly colored rugs because it will make the room feel bigger!

Bright Area Rugs for the Kitchen

If you have white cabinets with light-coloured countertops, a bold, vibrant kitchen area rug will look aesthetic. Traditional oriental rugs have good symmetry and brighter colors. But if you are interested in plain rugs; you can choose to go with plain bright and neon-coloured rugs.

Traditional Oriental Rugs

These are deep reds having lovely symmetrical patterns. They are a fantastic choice. They make them fit in any style home.

Extra Large Rugs

These rugs are perfect if you have a lot of floor space to fill. If you have a bright, neutral kitchen, place an overdyed rug in the centre. Vibrant shades will fill the room with cheerful colors. They will create a calm environment; you will love it!

Break Up Colour Between Floor & Cabinets

If you have your kitchen all in white and you want to break the sameness of the colors, you can choose a dark-coloured rug. Not only will this add color to your area, but it will also give an overall warm look to the kitchen.

7. Should Kitchen Rugs Match the Flooring?

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Matching the color of the rug with the flooring is not essential. However, if you are inclined towards keeping it safe, you can stick to the neutral hues and patterns. This is because neutral-colour rugs easily blend into your flooring. This helps keep the tone of your room muted and soft.

However, if you are not inclined to this, then you can use boldly patterned or coloured rugs to contrast the color of your flooring. One of the most common types of rugs is traditional rugs. They are quite precious and expensive, but since they are made up of wool, they are stain-resistant and durable. Therefore, you can use these rugs in the kitchen.

8. Placement of Kitchen Rugs

If you are going with a runner rug, consider placing it between the sink and the island. This will give a soft, warmer look to your kitchen. It will also bring warmth to the cold kitchen floors.

There are always chances of splashing and spillage of any kind in the kitchen. Therefore, place a small rug in front of the refrigerator and the sink. Small size rugs can be slippery. So choose a rug with heavy-duty material with non-slip backing. You can use rug tape or pad to prevent your rug from slipping.


  • Rugs provide support to your back while working for hours in the kitchen. They provide warmth to the cold kitchen floors. Prefer a runner-style rug along the counter by the sink, which is where you stand longer.

  • Best area kitchen rugs provide color and texture to your kitchen. Vibrant colors make your area playful and cheerful. There are many smooth surfaces in the kitchen, so it’s nice to introduce texture to break it up!

  • Your kitchen rug can be stained and spilled with tomato sauce and sticky with juice. But wool rugs are durable and stain-free. The best thing about using a rug in the kitchen is that crumbs and debris get tracked onto the carpet and will usually stay there, and then you can easily shake them out or vacuum it all up.

  • It is common for spills and mess to occur in the kitchen, and sometimes such debris can end up on the floor. Because of this reason many people don’t want to take the risk of ruining their favourite area rug or having to spend extra time cleaning it. However, this problem can be mitigated. All you need is to take a little knowledge of how to choose the right area rug for your kitchen. Synthetic rugs are better at resisting water, patterned rugs can resist wear and tear, and flat dense weaves are less likely to get dirty and are easy to clean.

  • Rugs can be slippery if they are placed without proper padding. So it’s better to add a pad rather than choosing a rug that comes with padding because it will start to come apart in pieces the more you wash and dry it. Reduce the risk of movement and potential falls by installing anti-slip rug grippers.

9. Verdict

Many people think that constant spills and stains increase the risk of wear and tear, thus decreasing the life of a rug. Some people believe that kitchen rugs will not even give a sense of grandeur. But I assure you that this is a hoax! Your kitchen deserves an attractive area rug. Area rugs can be an investment both financially and visually. Updating your kitchen can be affordable when you buy the best rug for the kitchen.

I hope that I helped you in your quest of finding a perfect rug for your kitchen. If you think that I missed any critical and key points, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to get back to me in the comments section below.

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