Best Outdoor Rugs for 2021

PSST! Hey guys. Are you looking to buy a fantastic outdoor rug? When it comes to home styling, the outdoor areas are ignored. We’re now taking time and effort to create patios and backyards that reflect our sense of style as much as our indoors do. Choosing the rug for outdoor space isn’t as easy as hitting the home decor store and picking the one. There are multiple questions. How to pick the one? What should you be looking for? What should be an appropriate size?

Well! This article will help you choose the best outdoor rug for your patio. Let’s go.

Outdoor rugs are of great importance. They define an area and add colors, style, and texture to it. Outdoor rugs are good looking, durable, and affordable. They are attractive and bring playfulness to your patio. They protect your floor and helps your outdoor flooring investment lasts longer. Outdoor rugs can cover up damages. They make it easy to update your outdoor living space. They provide comfort to barefoot kids, you, and guests. Here are a few essential things you need to consider before buying an outdoor rug:

1. What’s the Best Outdoor Rug Material?

Material is the most crucial component of your outdoor rug. Most outdoor rugs are comprised of synthetics, which makes it weather-resistant and super easy to clean. Natural fibers, such as sisal, hemp, and jute, are reliable and sustainable.

You should choose a long-lasting material and hold up against weather and resists stains and fading. Here are a few materials that can be considered before buying an outdoor rug:


Polypropylene is the most popular outdoor rug material. These rugs are best for rainy, damp, and humid climates.

  • Polypropylene rugs are stain-resistant, reliable, and durable.
  • They are easy to clean and are not damaged by chemicals or washing products.
  • They are solution-dyed, so the color doesn’t fade away.
  • They have low density and are lightweight, so they are easily washable.
  • They can handle high moisture.
  • These rugs provide the same feel underfoot as the natural rugs do.
  • They are economical and are visually pleasing than any nylon rug.

Because of their composition, they are highly flammable, so keep them away from heat, fire pits, or grills. With the right care, you will get years of use with polypropylene rugs.


Polyester rugs offer durability. They are best for dry climates.

  • They are sustainable and durable.
  • These rugs are incredibly stained and fade resistant. They are available in a variety of colors.
  • They have less absorbency. However, oil-based stains tend to be harder to clean up.
  • They dry quickly.

They are less durable than nylon. It immediately cleans stains by blotting with a cloth and stain remover.


Compared to other rug materials, nylon rugs have a longer life.

  • It is an excellent choice for dense traffic areas. It can be crushed, bent, and stretched, and it can attain its original shape.
  • Nylon rugs are spill and stain-resistant.
  • Continuous filament fibers minimize shedding and pilling.
  • It is easy to clean.

It is recommended to steam clean nylon rugs every 12-18 months. This is because the hydrogen molecules in nylon can be revived by steam cleaning, helping the rug fiber to bounce back. However, it shouldn’t be placed in direct sunlight as the material can get hot underfoot.

Jute Rugs

Jute is a beautiful, organic rug that fits in any décor style. They have a soft texture that makes it comfortable for human feet. They are best for covered patios.

  • They are durable and easily washable.
  • They are biodegradable, eco-friendly, and comfortable to foot.
  • They have minimal shedding.
  • They can stand up to scratches and stains.
  • They are affordable.

However, moisture needs to be avoided when cleaning jute rugs. These rugs are not easy to clean and may fade in direct sunlight.


These rugs are best for long hours in the sun.

  • These rugs are available in a variety of colors.
  • They are UV resistant rug material.
  • They are water and mildew resistant.
  • They are durable and sustainable and can be placed wherever you like.

However, these rugs are not soft underfoot.

2. Outdoor Rug Sizing and Shape

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Outdoor rugs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Consider the space of your outdoor area when choosing the shape of the rug. Here are a few tips you may consider before buying an outdoor rug:

Choose a shape that compliments the shape of your furniture. A rectangular or oval shape rug will look great under your dining table in a rectangular patio. If it is sitting under a group of furniture, it should be large enough, so the front legs of all the major furniture are placed on the rug. Putting all four legs on the rug is optional, but here are two ideas for placement:

Two Front Legs on the Rug

It will help to bring your outdoor space together while expanding the space at the same time.

All Four Legs on the Rug

It will bring the deck together tightly and can be used to create a conversational seating arrangement.

If you are covering an entire patio, try to allow 12 to 24 inches from rug’s edges to the perimeter of the patio space. This will make space seem more significant. These rugs range in sizes from 2×3 ft. throw rugs to 11×14 ft. area rugs.

Here is a size guide for outdoor rugs:



4×6 to 5×7


6×9 to 7×10


9×11 to 10×12


10×13 to 11×14


11×16 to 12×17


3. Outdoor Rugs Pattern Options

Don’t be afraid to bring bright colors to your space. You are mostly enjoying your outdoor rugs in the summer or spring seasons. Choose bright colors such as red, orange, yellow. These colors will add playfulness to the room. To determine which the right option is, consider the existing furnishings. A bold pattern rug will look great under the dining table, but too overwhelming standing alone.

4. Outdoor Rugs Placement

Outdoor rugs are both functional and stylish. You will want your outdoor rug that will be functional in your patio and ideally elegant too. Place your rug beneath the dining table or seating area, and it will highlight the space. This will protect the floor from scratching and will also define the grouping as one uniform space.

5. Outdoor Rugs Dos and Don’ts

Here are a few dos and don’ts, one should consider while having an outdoor rug:


  • Do find a rug style that compliments with your outdoor décor and furniture. It should be specific concerning the scheme and scale of your area.
  • Research different pile heights.
  • Use a rug pad with your outdoor rug.
  • Do think of the shape and pattern you want for your rug.
  • Do make sure that the front legs of your furniture can be placed on the outdoor rug.


  • Don’t bring your indoor rug outside.
  • Don’t be afraid to choose an outdoor rug with patterns and colors.
  • Don’t shop for an outdoor rug if you haven’t measured the area where you need it.
  • Don’t forget to buy padding for the rug so that it stays in the place where you put it.

6. Outdoor Rugs Maintenance

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How to Clean Outdoor Rugs?

Outdoor rugs are great. You just need to throw them down, and instantly, they add color to your space, making space look brighter, seasonal, and updated. They are affordable too. Proper cleaning and maintenance keep them looking great season after season. So let’s talk how to clean outside rugs:

Remove Dirt So It Doesn’t Settle

Area rugs attract a lot of dirt, especially when you are using it outside. To get rid of dirt, mix a solution of dish wash and water in a bucket. Scrub the rug with a brush—clean both sides of the rug. If you are washing your rug, make sure to wash over the driveway so that the water can drain away. Never let your rug soak excess water and grow mold.

You can also shake your rug to get rid of the visible dirt and debris. Flip your rug over every once in a while to keep it evenly worn.

Dry the Rug in Sunlight to Prevent Mold

Mould might not grow on your outdoor rug, but it can grow in your rug. Dirt and moisture mostly sink to the bottom of your rug. Any dirt particle or moisture is a prime reason for the mold to grow. So you need to do a wet-dry vacuum to get rid of any such mold.

To ensure that your rug stays mold-free after washing, hang your rug on a railing in direct sunlight. If you do not have a fence or railing, you can lay it on the ground to dry. Make sure to flip the rug so that both sides are dry. If mold creeps in your rug, use a mixture of vinegar and warm water to scrub the spores out.

Remove Stains and Spills

If a stain or spill occurs, use a dry cloth to blot the excess that’s on the top of the rug. Make sure not to rub the fabric so much; otherwise, the substance may push in the fiber. If you got a massive spill on your rug, you could wash it away with a garden hose. If you opt for this method, make sure to place your rug in direct sunlight and flit it over time so that it is dry and does not serve as a house for mold.

Vacuuming the Rug Regularly

To keep your outdoor rug look best, you need to vacuum it regularly. It will prevent dirt from settling inside the fiber. Molds cannot grow if you clean the rug regularly. Mold cannot grow on the synthetic rug, but it can grow inside the fiber of the rug.

Store the Rug When Not in Use

You should store your rug when not in use. If you lack a space to store a large rug, you can roll it with plastic painting tape, and secure it will bungee cords. This will prevent bugs and rodents, and you will not need to worry about the damage. You should consider the location of your rug. Moving your rug to a safe place will extend its life by years.

7. Tips for Buying the Best Outdoor Rug

Shopping an outdoor rug is more fun than the indoor rugs. They come in a variety of styles and colors. They serve dual functions and often do not have a high price tag. Here are a few tips you can consider before buying an outdoor rug:

  • Choose the right material for outdoor rugs. Synthetic rugs are bet choice because they dry up quickly and do not absorb moisture. Natural fibers are sustainable, but they can’t handle rain. Natural fibers are an excellent choice for covered porches and patios.
  • Make sure to purchase a rug pad or backing. Rug pads are flooring essential and prolong the life of your rug.
  • Clean up the spills and stains. Check the washing instructions of your rug, but a mixture of dish wash and water can help clean stains for all rugs.
  • Hang the outdoor rug in direct sunlight to dry it. So that it doesn’t offer mold to grow, make sure both sides of the rug are dry before putting it back.
  • Clean and store your rug before the snow season or when not in use. Always clean your rug before storing it, and wrap it in plastic to keep unwanted pests and bugs away.

Outdoor rugs come in superb colors, striking patterns, and charming textures. You should make sure that the material of your rug is free of toxins and fire retardant. Whatever material you choose, make sure it handles the daily demands of your family. It should be safe for your kids and pets. Have fun in choosing the right design and pattern that match the home décor!

I hope that I helped you in your quest to find a perfect rug for your patio. If you think that I missed any important and critical points, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to get back to me in the comments section below.

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