Best Washable Area Rugs in 2021

Do you have kids and a big fluffy hairy dog and many accidental spills and stains from the playdates? Those moments when you are thinking of having an area rug in your space and second moment you realize would be dirty in seconds. But now, “No more”! Who knew there were WASHABLE AREA RUGS available? Yup, you heard me right, “Washable rugs”! Can you believe it?

This article will help you find a perfect area rug for your space. Let’s go!

1. How to Find the Best Washable Rugs for Your Home?

Make Sure It’s Machine Washable

Some rugs need to be washed by hands or professionally cleaned. Sometimes it happens that the rugs that are machine washable are not truly machine washable. Make sure to read the details before you buy, and if you’re unsure, check with the brand directly.

Check the Size

Washable rugs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Before buying a machine washable rug, make sure that your machine is large enough to wash it. Otherwise, you will need to take it to a commercial-size machine to get it clean.

Consider the Material

Many machine washable rugs are made up of synthetic materials, which makes them more durable to stand up to the agitation of the washing machine. You can still find rugs with natural fiber such as wool and cotton, but they tend to be more expensive.

Launder Them Occasionally

The rugs can be vacuumed regularly, so save machine washing for spills and stains. This will increase the life of the rug and will prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

2. Types of Washable Rugs

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Washable area rugs are available in a variety of types. There are runner rugs, kitchen rugs, and area rugs. They are present in many sizes and variety. When choosing a runner rug for a hallway or narrow room, 2.5’x7′ is the most conventional size, but you can choose shorter or wider depending on your space. As for the area rugs, 5’x8′ is a standard size. Kitchen rugs are also present in a variety of sizes. 2’x3′ is a standard size for using beneath the sink. However, you can choose the rug size, depending on the area you’re looking to cover.

3. Which Area Rugs Are Machine Washable?

If your area rugs are washable, it is a big bonus. Accidents, spills, and stains occur, but having a machine-washable rug helps you save time and takes away a lot of stress. The question that is knocking at the window panes of your mind is, which rugs are machine washable?

A general rule is always to check the cleaning instructions of your rug before tossing it to the washing machine. However, repeated washes can shorten the life of your rug. Similarly, rugs with rubber backing will wear quicker. Periodic washing can remove dirt, debris, pet dander, and dust embedded deep into the rug’s fiber that vacuuming just won’t get rid of. Here are a few rug materials that are machine washable:

Polypropylene/ Olefin

Polypropylene is a popular synthetic choice. Here are some pros of polypropylene rugs:

  • They are economical and are visually pleasing than any nylon rug.
  • They are excellent for substantial traffic areas.
  • They are stain-resistant. They are non-absorbent.
  • They are solution-dyed, so the color doesn’t fade away.
  • They have low density and are lightweight, so they are easily washable.
  • They are easy to clean and are not damaged by chemicals or washing products.

I can be washed in the machine or hand-washed outside with a garden hose and a mild detergent. Dryer heat can melt them. Air dry instead and take care not to place in direct sunlight.


A polyester rug offers durability, and it is best for the areas with heavy traffic. They are machine washable.

  • These rugs are incredibly stained and fade resistant.
  • They have less absorbency.
  • They dry quickly.

They are less durable than nylon. It immediately cleans stains by blotting with a cloth and stain remover. When washing a polyester rug, it’s a good idea to wash it alone so that color does not mix with another load. Coldwater and a mild washing detergent with a gentle cycle will be best when cleaning a polyester rug.


A cotton rug is a good option and is available in a wide array of designs.

  • They are durable and can be washed in a machine.
  • They are best at absorbing water that runs off the body when a person steps out of the shower. This prevents puddles on the floor.
  • They are hypoallergenic and breathable.

They are cozy, comfortable, and easily washable in the machine. Just remember to air dry. However, they can get a shrink, much like cotton garments.


Compared to other rug materials, nylon rugs have a longer life and offer the best slip-resistant feature.

  • It is an excellent choice for dense traffic areas. It can be crushed, bent, and stretched, and it can attain its original shape.
  • Nylon rugs are spill and stain-resistant.
  • Continuous filament fibers minimize shedding and pilling.
  • It is easy to clean.

They are easily machine washable. Remember to use a gentle cycle, cold water, and avoid drying with a dryer. Air drying is the preferred method. It is recommended to steam clean nylon rugs every 12-18 months. This is because the hydrogen molecules in nylon can be revived by steam cleaning, helping the rug fiber to bounce back.


Viscose is a semi-synthetic fiber. Its main component is wood-pulp. Because of this, it is generally referred to as a natural fiber or synthetic one. While you can wash these rugs in the machine when needed. A better option is to hand wash or spot clean since these rugs are more on a sensitive side.

4. Maintenance of the Area Rug

Remove Dirt So It Doesn’t Settle

Area rugs attract a lot of dirt, especially when you are using it outside. To get rid of dirt, mix a solution of dish wash and water in a bucket. Scrub the rug with a brush—clean both sides of the rug. If you are washing your rug, make sure to wash over the driveway so that it can drain away. Never let your rug soak excess water and grow mold.

You can also shake your rug to get rid of the visible dirt and debris. Flip your rug over every once in a while to keep it evenly worn.

Dry the Rug in Sunlight to Prevent Mold

Mold might not grow on your rug, but it can grow in your rug. Dirt and moisture mostly sink to the bottom of your rug. Any dirt particle or moisture is a prime reason for the mold to grow. So you need to do a wet-dry vacuum to get rid of any such mold.

To ensure that your rug stays mold-free after washing, hang your rug on a railing in direct sunlight. You can lay it on the ground to dry if you do not have a fence or railing. Make sure to flip the rug so that both sides are dry. If mold creeps in your rug, use a mixture of vinegar and warm water to scrub the spores out.

Remove Stains and Spills

If a stain or spill occurs, use a dry cloth to blot the excess that’s on the top of the rug. Make sure not to rub the fabric so much; otherwise, the substance may push in the fiber. If you got a massive spill on your rug, you could wash it away with a garden hose. If you opt for this method, make sure to place your rug in direct sunlight and flit it over time so that it is dry and does not serve as a house for mold.

Vacuuming the Rug Regularly

To keep your rug look best, you need to vacuum it regularly. It will prevent dirt from settling inside the fiber. Molds cannot grow if you clean the rug regularly. Mold cannot grow on the synthetic rug but inside the fiber of the rug.

Store the Rug When Not in Use

You should store your rug when not in use. If you lack a space to store a large rug, roll it with plastic painting tape and secure it will bungee cords. This will prevent bugs and rodents, and you will not need to worry about the damage. You should consider the location of your rug. Moving your rug to a safe place will extend its life by years.

Regardless of the material, you should always follow the cleaning instructions mentioned on the area rug. Before using any detergent, do a patch test over a small area to make sure that there is no discoloration. Too much washing can shorten the life of your rug and can cause wear and tear. However, regular vacuuming can help prolong the life of your rugs.

I hope that I helped you in your quest to find a perfect washable area rug. If you think that I missed any important and critical points, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to get back to me in the comments section below.

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